My name is Thomas Davies. I am a 22 year old graphic designer that graduated with a 1st in Graphic & Media Design from Hereford College of Arts in the summer of 2017 and am now based in my hometown of Hay-on-Wye, where I work as a freelance graphic designer for a wide range of clients

what do i do?

As a designer I love to focus on the big, blocky and bold. I am heavily inspired by the works of early modernist designers such as Jan Tschichold and Paul Renner as well as contemporary designer Aaron Draplin. I try and work in as many formats as possible, learning as much from every project as I can.


the grid

One of the core aspects of most of my brand concepts is the grid. I design on a 32x32 grid for most of the process and develop ideas on that canvas. Then once I am confident with an idea I start optically tweaking the visual elements to get the most out of the image.


Throughout my time at university and continuing into my freelance practice I have loved creating brands. I have a unique style that ties my branding concepts together but is adaptable enough to express a brands identity and public image.

the summer cup

The Summer Cup logo is part of my work with the Durham University Quidditch Society. (Yes this is an actual thing that people do it's great look it up). Ever since 2015 I have been the sole graphic designer for the tournament. My jobs included: Creating various logos, T-Shirt designs and advertising assets for the tournament. The Summer Cup was my first real taste of applied branding as I got to see my work physically printed and worn by over 100 attendees at the event. The logo shown here was used in for the 3rd year of the tournament and variations of that design will be used for the upcoming years by simply altering the lower three elements into various roman numerals.

the "h" logo

 The HCA Student Union logo was my first project out of university. The concept was to manipulate the simplistic H letterform into a person reaching out to a second person, symbolising the role the student union plays within the university. Unfortunately the design was not chosen but I was awarded second place in the branding competition


I use this logo to represent my personal brand. It represents the digital side of my brand which is the node, by constructing a basic vector representing the initial N surrounded by a box. This is then used as an actual brand across all my products and services while showcasing the basic design principles that I love to use: Big, Blocky and Bold. It's intentionally very open and vague so that I can apply it to whatever I choose to do in the future with this name


During my 2nd year at HCA we had an animation module led by Scott from tomorrowisclosedThe aim of the module was to create a video for the Hay Festival's Shakespeare 400 exhibition but we had so much studio time with Scott that we made a load of other things. Most notably I made the introduction video for this website in these sessions with Scott (video)

Since graduating from HCA I have kept in contact with Scott and assisted with the design process for a number of projects. My role while working with Scott is primarily in the initial brainstorming phase as well as asset creation. For the project on the right we had to visually represent the visuals of offices throughout time, specifically the 60s, 90s and modern day. This project was particularly fun as it fit right into my visual style and allowed me to see my designs in motion due to Scott's animation. 

Secondly we've been working on a pitch proposal for the BBC for the upcoming documentary "How Women Really Got The Vote with Lucy Worsley" which we won in early December. The work for this project was mainly brainstorming and initial thematic designs, there's so much visual language to go with from the Suffrage movement that we had to narrow down what we wanted to focus on. In the coming weeks I will be assisting Scott with the next phase of production, looking forward to seeing my work featured in a BBC Documentary.


cliche dot studio

Since graduating from HCA I have been collaborating with fellow HCA grad Andrew Charles Graham under the joint alias clichedotstudioI never feel comfortable taking on projects which require large pieces of illustration and Andrew is seemingly allergic to typography,. We have combined our strengths to cover our weaknesses, allowing us to take on projects that neither one of us could do on our own.

The majority of our projects so far have been self-initiated as we aim to grow our portfolio. We are always looking for oppurtunities to work with local creatives to help advertise and promote local events, places or experiences. Our current project revolves around Hereford FC and their surprising FA Cup run, these posters have been getting lots of positive responses on twitter and instagram and we hope to have a series to present to the club once the cup run reaches its end.

For these projects I tend to take on two roles, Art Director and Designer. This provides me with useful experience in communicating with a fellow creative with different visual tastes. It also has allowed me to see the other side of the coin when it comes to the illustrator/designer relationship, something which I think is invaluable when working on bigger projects.


The portfolio section of my website has a lot of the projects that I've worked on during and after University. It also has write ups on how and why I made certain design decisions as well as the success of certain projects. It's ever expanding and I'm adding to it as often as I can, although sometimes it's hard to focus on my own website when working for clients.

My favourite work in my portfolio is the Monotype project and the Science Fiction Book project. These were both projects which took a lot of time and effort and I had to work incredibly hard on the details of the designs. That being said all the projects in there are reminders of how far I've come since I started 7 years a go and a great motivator for how I wish to develop in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to read through all this and look at my work, I hope you've enjoyed what you've seen and if you have any questions please feel free to email me nibandnode@gmail.com or contact me on one of the many forms of social media. I try and take on any project that's offered my way and love working with new clients so please don't hesitate to get in touch.