Branding Projects




An online bookseller focusing on academic literature and with retail outlet on the horizon. I started sketching for this project when I was running the warehouse for 2 weeks while the owners had a well deserved break. They use the slogan "intellectual recycling" which I really loved the idea of so wanted to focus on that for the core iconography of the brand while combining the visuals of fountain pen nibs to represent the green ink. Throughout my time collecting books from the warehouse shelves I noticed how easily dated a lot of books are due to their use of typefaces and how difficult to read many of the book titles were due to poor typography. With that in mind I felt Helvetica was a good pairing for this logo as it's legible at a distance, on screen and in a warehouse filled with thousands of books.


hereford college of arts, student union

branding proposal

This mark is based off of the simple geometric H but contorted in a similar, but visually very different way to the new HCA logo. Both shapes represent people, the solid shape reaching its arm across represents the role the College and the Student Union plays in College Life, while the striped shape on the left represents the students. The mark retains the H letterform while including more abstract features, such as the stripes and the curved edges.

Striking a balance between simple and unique is difficult. In this design I have tried to achieve this by keeping the construction elements of the logo to a minimum. All the curves follow the exact same circle cut-out which aids in the balancing of the logo. The main structural elements are created within a simple 32x40 grid, while the stripes require a little more of a complex construction to look right.



implemented branding

Pughs is a family run, independent grocery store in Hay-on-Wye. The aim of the rebrand was to distance the shop from the previous alliance with Londis and stress the independent nature of the shop.

The logo’s shape is based off of a pricing ticket that are used throughout the shop. The slab serif typeface is used to be legible on all platforms as well as easily hand drawn and the basket icon is used to make it obvious what the shop does as well as providing an alternate icon for situations where the full logo isn’t appropriate.



branding proposal

Lucky Seven Beer Co is a small batch brewer based in Hay-on-Wye. The aim on this project was to design a logo that would fit in amongst the retro motorsport liveries that inspired both myself and Luke, the brewer.

Retro motorsport liveries were funded by the cigarette industry and while it’s great that they are no longer allowed to advertise we can still appreciate how great older cars looked, such as the Lucky Strike BAR Honda from the early 2000s and the Marlboro McLaren MP4/4 from the late 80s. The more modern designs seem to fall short with only one notable exception (Red Bull Racing)

The branding elements can be easily broken down to be used on the beer labels or on other advertising mediums. The long sweeping curves provide striking visual elements when blown up and the type is versatile enough to stand on it’s own when needed.